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Rabbi Michoel Rose was born and raised up in Leeds,  and subsequently Manchester before moving to Israel for a number of years. After studying in Yeshivot
in London and New Jersey, USA, Rabbi Rose was sent by Lubavitch Headquarters in NY to Budapest, Hungary for a combined year of study and communal work. Upon return to the United States, he completed his Rabbinical studies and
received his Semicha Ordination at the Rabbinical College of America. He then went on to teach Talmud at the Yeshiva
High School of the Twin Cites, before marrying his wife, Rebbetzin Aidele and returning to the UK.

The Rabbi is a visiting Chaplain to Cardiff and Vale Hospitals. 

Rabbi Rose is the Co-Chairman of the Council of Christians and Jews in Cardiff and works to promote interfaith understanding, respect and friendship in Cardiff.

The Rabbi is a regular contribuor to local Radio programmes and has presented the Weekend Word and Wednesday Word for Radio Wales.


Rebbetzin Rose was born to Israeli parents in Tucson, Arizona, and has lived in several cities across the United States.
Rebbetzin Rose attained her teaching diploma in Montreal, Canada and has since worked in Kansas City, Kansas as a
preschool teacher and youth/holiday programmer as well as leading summer camps in Canada and Leeds. She also taught for four years at the innovative Shluchim Online School.

The Rebbetzin has led special presentations about the uniqueness of the Jewish faith and the

vital part Women must have in the Jewish community.