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Kosher Provisions in Cardiff

There is no specifically Kosher shop in Cardiff but local shops do stock alot of kosher products. Shops from london deliver twice a month. Kosher Deli:

Kosher Deli in London makes deliveries every second Wednesday. They delivery a full range of all types of meats and also prepared foods for shabbos etc. Call to make your order.

They will order any baked goods required from the Carmelli bakery and bring them with their other orders.

                                  Kosher Deli Tel: 0208 381 4450 Fax: 0208731 6777

                                      Email: cardifforders@kosherdeliuk.co.uk

                                                   Web: www.kosherdeli.co.uk

B-Kosher Tel : 0208 458 0979

BKosher will provide any kosher groceries. They send them down with Kosher Deli (Above) every two weeks. Email: BkosherGG@hotmail.com

Please place your orders on the  no later than the MONDAY of the week of the next delivery, you can ring, or e-mail order.


Local Shops

In the UK not all products that are kosher have a symbol. They may be certified by the london beis din. To check a product, go to http://www.theus.org.uk/koshersearch

Sainsbury's in Colchester Avenue, Cyncoed provides a limited range of dry and tinned kosher foods in the 'special foods' section at the back of the store.  Click here for a map, they have also added a range of kosher frozen foods, in their freezers containing Chickens, Shnitzels, Vegetarian Hotdogs and various other products.

Morrisons on Newport Road and Tescos on Excelsior Avenue also have a Kosher Section.

Ocado online supermarket has a large range of kosher products. Waitrose sells Challot.

The Health food chain Holland and Barrets has a wide range of vegetarian foods which are either labelled kosher or are certified on London Beis Din's list.

Wiltshire farm foods Tel: 029 2034 2008 have a kosher range of ready made meals and deserts (made by Hermolis, certified by Kadassia) that they will deliver anywhere.